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WordPress Web Dev & Content creator

I am a bilingual Spanish (Latam) and English writer & WordPress Web Developer.

I've been working in the IT sector since 1992, so I get a full understanding of computers, networking, VoIP, information security, programming, protocols, and more.

I`ve been a freelancer since 2009, so I can help you with numerous topics regarding SEO, promotions, jobs, marketing, passive income, and personal growth,

I've discovered over the years that I can improve any skill, these last years I began my journey into Python, and I am loving it.

I share what I learn while coding so anyone can benefit from my posts. Hope you find them usefull.


You can read my interview with Zenva; 'A Journey from IT to Python with Carlos Alberto Romay'

Take a look at my code snippets, you can find something useful and free to use