Duplicator: How to Guide

Ok, this is going to be fun. I`ll guide you step-by-step to get Duplicator up and running in no time. You should have the Duplicator Plugin installed. Once installed, go and create a NEW PACKAGE Then Next and Duplicator will scan the site And it will show you the results Then click BUILD It will take some time And then you are ready for downloading the packages. DOWNLOAD BOTH, Installer and Archive You’ll get a… Read More »Duplicator: How to Guide

Step by Step guide to create a Local WordPress site

Hi again! Glad to help you. Ok, now you`ll learn HOW to set up a local WordPress installation so you can test without “breaking” the  live site. Download XAMPP https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html Install on your PC (run as admin if using Windows) Hit Next Select what to Install. Leave it like that or select MINIMUM: Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin. Select Folder to Install Just informs you about Bitnami products Ready to install Installing Installation ok Running the XAMPP the first… Read More »Step by Step guide to create a Local WordPress site

Time is just an illusion

Time is just an illusion. You can not change your past or anticipate your own future. You were told that. But, what would happen if you discover that the whole thing is just a bluff? Everything you know about time is just an illusion. Ok, you can measure it, I agree, but you do not really know how it works right? You can measure it with a watch. You understand that there are seconds, minutes… Read More »Time is just an illusion

Como incrementar las ventas de su negocio

Todos sabemos que lo que hace grande a una empresa son sus clientes. Ya sea que preste algún tipo de servicios o venda insumos, repuestos, materia prima o lo que fuere, ningún negocio es factible sin una cartera de clientes fidelizada. A través de los años las “técnicas” para captar clientes fueron mutando en función de los avances tecnológicos, desde el boca a boca, pasando por carteles o elementos estáticos de publicidad, la aparición de… Read More »Como incrementar las ventas de su negocio

La mente existe fuera del espacio tiempo

¿Alguna vez fantaseaste con viajar en el tiempo? Bien, es algo que haces naturalmente todos los días de tu vida mientras piensas. Tu mente “viaja” y trae  recuerdos del PASADO a tu PRESENTE. Imagina un FUTURO que aún no “ves” ni puedes tocar. Tu mente es un viajero incansable del tiempo, porque La mente existe fuera del espacio tiempo. NO está limitada por el tiempo ni por un “envase” como tu cuerpo. La mente saber… Read More »La mente existe fuera del espacio tiempo

What is a Sapling?

A Sapling is a young tree. There are a couple ways to get a Sapling. You can either get some seeds or you can grow it via vegetative propagation. Each method has its own benefits. Seeding vs Vegetative propagation Probably you are familiar with some kind of seeds and there is no mystery on how to get any plant to grow by sowing a seed. Usually, you dig a hole and throw the seed inside,… Read More »What is a Sapling?

Why is it called a love chair?

Have you ever wondered what is a love chair? Maybe you could think that a love chair is some erotic-like furniture, but you are wrong. It is a piece os furniture, but one with style. A “love chair” or a “loveseat” is a single piece of furniture that has an “S”-shaped back. If two people sit in it, they’re sitting on open-ended chairs facing in opposite directions and meeting each other. Then, they can look… Read More »Why is it called a love chair?

What is Veterinary Continuing Education (CE)?

If you are a veterinary professional, you must keep evolving. You can find a wide range of outstanding veterinary continuing education (CE) programs out there. In order to help all industry experts to increase their education and continuously improve their skills, there are some regulatory agencies that help them to get the most of CE. As a rule of thumb, you should check that you get a CE from a trusted source. If it complies… Read More »What is Veterinary Continuing Education (CE)?

The digital revolution in higher education

It is no secret that technology changed our world, ways, environment, and lives. The digital revolution changed everything. Including our education. Just a few years ago you had to go to some education center. You had to travel. You were expected to be present. But things changes. Now you can attend special education via e-learning. The digital revolution in higher education helps us to improve our skills and knowledge via a remote connection. How and… Read More »The digital revolution in higher education

What is Papersowl.com?

They are an awesome company that will help you with your posts, articles, essays or whatever you need to get written in a professional style. But, why should you choose Papersowl.com? Because they understand you, they listen to you and give you what you asked for. It sounds like something pretty obvious, but if you have some time “out there” trying to get someone who can follow directions, you probably found that there are too… Read More »What is Papersowl.com?

The Queen of chess. From slum to chess star

Do you know Phiona Mutesi? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. However, this is going to change in a few days with the Queen of Katwe, an upcoming 2016 Disney live-action biographical film. But let me help you understand why you should not miss this awesome film. I know, I know, a  biographical film do not sound like a lot of joy, but you’ll be surprised. What makes this film outstanding? It tells… Read More »The Queen of chess. From slum to chess star