I am a newbie WebDev (front-end) with some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS, I barely know PHP and have no idea about MySQL (yes, I am great:)

I feel comfortable with WordPress and I do some decent sites, but I have a new assignment; to create a full membership site with Paypal integration, 12 memberships levels, affiliate program and push notifications (not to mention a web scrapper).

The main problem is this; I have 12 memberships levels:

  • 3 standard monthly
  • 3 Premium Monthly
  • 3 standard Annual
  • 3 Premium Annual

AND a FREE one (ok, 13 levels)

So, let´s say that you buy a service, a standard one

Then your friend buys a premium

and someone gets a Free try.


Where, are that data? How can I retrieve it?


I am using the Simple Membership plugin and Contact form 7


These plugins solve the form and the PayPal integration, upgrade/downgrade levels BUT I need to manage the user’s data.


I need them to enter a mobile number (to send them SMS)

an email address (yes, you guess, to send them emails)

and other personal data

How can I get those data (front end)?

is that possible or should I have a back-end server to get those inputs (hook? trigger?)


Thanks in advance for any whitepaper, tip, clue, something to read, I am lost, no idea what to look for.


Thanks again