Time is just an illusion

Time is an illusion

Time is just an illusion.

You can not change your past or anticipate your own future. You were told that.
But, what would happen if you discover that the whole thing is just a bluff?

Everything you know about time is just an illusion.

Ok, you can measure it, I agree, but you do not really know how it works right? You can measure it with a watch. You understand that there are seconds, minutes and hours. You can count days, weeks and years.

Time is an illusion Post
Time is an illusion Post

But you can not explain how it really works. You can not tell me the difference between present, past, and future.

I can do that for you. I can tell you the distinction.

There is no such difference. Past and future are just dreams.

They are the same thing; memories in your mind.

You only have the present. You can only live now, this moment. You never lived a past time, you just live a present time all your life. Right now while you are reading this lines, you are living the moment. A minute ago was now. There is no past, just present. You live an endless present and your mind stores memories of your…present to remember it in the future-present.

Sounds crazy? Well, let me tell you how to travel in time, that is crazy!

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What is a Sapling?

Project title:   What is a sapling and how can having one help you?

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Article purpose: Please write about saplings (young trees). What is a sapling? How do you take care of one? How could it help you to have one? (Bring you joy, something to care for and watch grow, etc.)


Please have an opening and closing paragraph. Use excellent English.


What is a Sapling?


A Sapling is a young tree. There are a couple ways to get a Sapling. You can either get some seeds or you can grow it via vegetative propagation.

Each method has its own benefits.


Seeding vs Vegetative propagation


Probably you are familiar with some kind of seeds and there is no mystery on how to get any plant to grow by sowing a seed. Usually, you dig a hole and throw the seed inside, cover it with fertile soil, pour some water regularly and you are done. This is known as “sexual reproduction”.


But what about vegetative propagation?


Also known as Vegetative reproduction, vegetative cloning or vegetative multiplication, it is a method of “asexual reproduction” in plants. You can cut a piece of the mother plant and grow it into a full one, or you can use “grafting”. Grafting is a whole world itself, but you should know that you need to get a stem piece of the plant and join it onto a mother plant that has roots.

You can find a wide spectrum of commonly cultivated plants produced by vegetative means rather than by seeds. You can grow apples, citrus, grapes, potatoes, etc.

As you can imagine it is easier to get a sapling grow by sowing seeds.


Taking care of your Sapling


If you grow a Sapling using seeds, you’ll have a healthy and beautiful one with minimum efforts. Why? Because using reproduction by seed, the plants are by nature, virus-free and can handle diseases much better than using vegetative propagation.

In case you prefer vegetative multiplication, you should choose a healthy mother plant. Remember that this method retains the same genotype (genetic) and phenotype (characteristics). So if you choose a weak plant, you’ll reproduce the same. So try to get the stronger cutting.


Benefits of growing a Sapling


You’ll get “someone” to take care of. A living being who depends on you to grow. You’ll have to choose the kind of sapling you like, get the proper seed or cutting, select an appropriate pot, get some fertile soil, remember to water it, make sure it gets sunlight, etc. Your baby tree will give you peace, relax, fresh air and beauty.

You can take care of a Sapling and watch it grow to a full tree. Planting trees is a fabulous way to help and take care of our environment. Besides, trees increase air quality by producing oxygen. They also help to reduce the sun and to moderate the wind. If located properly, they give us freshness in hot summer days.




You can get your own sapling by seeding (sexual reproduction) or via vegetative propagation (asexual reproduction).

If you choose to grow a seed you’ll probably succeed with no effort. If you happen to get vegetative propagation you’ll need to select the perfect cutting.

Once you made your choice, you’ll need to take care of the “baby” every day. You must water it, take it “for a ride” so it can get some sunlight, getting some fertile soil to feed it and talk to it gently.

The sapling will reward you with oxygen, freshness, and beauty.






Why is it called a love chair?

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Article purpose: article for swebsite selling love chair

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Have you ever wondered what is a love chair?


Maybe you could think that a love chair is some erotic-like furniture, but you are wrong. It is a piece os furniture, but one with style.

A “love chair” or a “loveseat” is a single piece of furniture that has an “S”-shaped back. If two people sit in it, they’re sitting on open-ended chairs facing in opposite directions and meeting each other. Then, they can look into each other’s eyes and they can even kiss with no effort.

You can take a look at these wonderful designs to get an idea.

These loveseats aren’t new. You can find love chairs in ancient Egypt and Roman empire. This kind of furniture was reserved for royalty and some social elites.


Why is it called a love chair?


You can use the love chair to flirt with your beloved or to enjoy a box of chocolate. You can create your own environment of love with awesome and distinguished designs. Make your dreams come true with the love chair.

There is no limit to your imagination. You can build a cozy twosome, or lounging space for one and a book, it’s up to you.

You can even enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved cuddling in the love chair. Then it is time to watch a movie while holding each other tight. Maybe she falls asleep in your arms. You’ll fall in love with your love chair, and you can also fall in love “on” the chair with your beloved.


We have the perfect one for you


Enjoy top quality modern love chairs, featuring a wide range of colors and combinations to suit each customer’s needs. These superb love chairs are best for anyone looking to discover a whole new world of luxury, style, and comfort.

We offer top quality modern love chairs, featuring a wide range of colors and combinations to suit each customer’s needs. These superb love chairs are best for anyone looking to discover a whole new world of luxury, style, and comfort.

Discover leather loveseats, fabric styles, and modern patterned love chairs.


Raw Materials used to make a love chair


Usually, the frame of a love chair is made wood. There are a lot of options incorporating steel, plastic, and laminated boards or a combination of the above.

Padding was originally made from animal hair, especially hog or horse. Today, paddings employed in mass production are foam and polyester fiberfill wrap.

Cushions are constructed from polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, down, cotton or latex.




A love chair is not some erotic-like furniture, it is a luxury and comfortable one that will allow you to enjoy wonderful occasions.

You can also experience it with your love while cuddling together while sharing a chocolate.

They were a status symbol for Romans and Egyptians, only the elite could afford one of this.

They are primarily made of wood but you can find a lot of options like plastic, steel, laminated boards and more.

They are very comfortable and you’ll fall in love with them.