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A pre-purchase home inspection is a key component of the home buying process. However, many people avoid this key element. Most people perceive an inspection as a time-consuming and invasive resource. Besides, it is not free. But if you are really serious about selling your home, this is a must-do.

What is a home inspection?

It is a visual examination in order to find major problems in the structure. The inspector will take a few hours to perform an extensive research looking for electrical problems, roof damage, plumbing leaks, heating systems, etc. A real professional one will not care about chipped paint, surface problems, or minor issues.

A pre purchased home inspection is intended for buyers so they can get a full picture before buying a house. But if you are a seller, you can take advantage of this awesome resource.

If you are a seller, you shouldn’t wait to get inspected. It is advisable to get your own inspection in order to make reparations before trying to sell the house. This will give you enough time to get things done. Otherwise, if you wait for the buyer’s inspector, you’ll have no time to repair things and maybe you’ll be required to sell for cheap.

If you are a buyer, you should get the house, not the inspection. This means that you should get a certified inspector that can explain you the results so you can make a good decision. You should understand the written report. Ask any question you wish. Do not assume. Get the professional advice you paid for. Once you understand the report, you’ll discover the house just as it is. Then you can decide. You can find a certified inspector near your home right here (National Association of Home Inspectors).

Areas covered under a home inspection

Structural issues: Inspectors can detect defects, find the level of damage and even estimate the costs involved in bringing the house back to shape.

Plumbing: the home inspector will check for visible fissures, rusts, leakage or corrosion.

Fire safety:  The inspector will discover smoke alarms, emergency equipment, or fire extinguishers.

Electrical wiring: The professional will test power sockets, wiring safety, circuit breakers.

They also look for:

Termite tubes

Rotted wood

Central air conditioning system

Walls, ceiling, floors, doors


A home inspection is a professional service intended to find structural issues before purchasing or selling a house.

If you are a seller, a home inspection can give you the opportunity to fix any issue so you can get better selling conditions.

If you are a buyer, you can get a house inspected in order to determine its real state before making an offer.

In both cases, you should seriously consider finding a professional and certificated inspector.

You can find a certified inspector here (National Association of Home Inspectors).

The inspector doesn’t care about cosmetics. This means that he would not be interested in swimming pools, cable systems, alarms, or outhouses.

A full inspection will take at least three hours.

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