What’s JAAXY?


What’s JAAXY?

In a few words, Jaaxy is an extremely powerful Keyword Research tool.

How can Jaaxy help me?

If you are trying to get your site ranked on PAGE ONE of Google, then Jaaxy IS the perfect tool to give you the advantage

Product At A Glance


Overall Ranking: AWESOME

Price:Free Membership of 30 Free Searches, Pro Membership at $19/month, Enterprise Membership for $49/month.

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: http://www.jaaxy.com/

What can Jaaxy do for you?

  • Gives you TARGETED information about keywords
  • Finds and displays related ideas to ANY topic you’re searching
  • Brainstorms for you
  • Finds Affiliate Programs
  • Site Rankings
  • Post Rankings
  • Domain Names
  • Site Competition
  • Alphabet soup
  • Search Analysis (AWESOME)
  • Find online niches
  • Discover top Domain Names “Ready for Google” (Amazing)
  • Training to learn “The Best Practices”

… at a click of a button.

Did I mention it was FREE the first 30 Searches?

With these free trial, it is more tan enough to get the rights keywords to build a fresh online business.

 How does it work?


It is very easy and intuitive.

Once you sign up for the FREE trial (30 searches), you’ll see a search box.

You just type in there the word or phrase you want and in a few seconds you’ll get:

We should take care about 3 items:AVG-Average:number of searches this keyword receive per monthTraffic: Visits to your website if you can rank this wordQSR-Quoted Search Results: below 300 this means very poor competence, so you’ll rank higher easily) So, I should choose unclaimed money list

So, the next that I should do is to write an article with this title “unclaimed money list”  and include that phrase in the post.

Not only that, you could even buy the domain “ready for google” just clicking in the domains field (in this case .net)

That’s it!

Now you can rank any word, phrase, idea in the first page of Google!

Easy right?

You can have a look at the Features HERE

Or TRY it for FREE and decide if you like it, just enter the word to search below and see the amazing results

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