Japanese tattoo ideas


Just in case you didn’t know, Japanese tattoos have a deep background. It is not a fashion. It is a whole world of meanings, mysteries, and tradition.

Every tattoo has its own meaning, so if you decide to have one, maybe you’ll find these Japanese tattoo ideas very interesting.

Skulls: they represent the life cycle. In Japan, skulls are a very positive tattoo. It depicts positive changes.

Snakes: they protect you against illness, misfortune, and tragedy. As you know, snakes change their skin. This is believed to bring regeneration and wellness. It also represents wisdom.

Oni mask: if you are not Japanese, maybe you’ll think this one is a strange tattoo, but it represents the faith in spirits and demons. It is a very popular figure. Japan has a very extensive culture regarding demons and spirits.

Dragons: the symbol of might, wisdom, and power. It also symbolizes rain and water, generosity and enlightenment in order to be used for the good of humankind. This is probably the most popular Japanese design.

Tigers: Japanese people believe in Tigers as sacred creatures. It represents strength, courage, and good luck. It also protects against accidents, evil spirits, and illness. Therefore, it is one of the favorites Japanese tattoo ideas.

Koi Fish: This Koi carp swims upstream, it is said that they symbolize the tenacity, patience, courage and a strong will to get what you want to achieve. If you are someone who wants a change for better, this is your design.

.Lions: They represent the power, toughness, wildness, loyalty, and heroism. This one is for you is you want to be a hero. Besides, it is used for protection.

Waves: As we all know, Japan suffers from Tsunamis every some time. They always survive and come back. This design describes the survival spirit, strength, and courage. It is the determination to keep moving against all odds. Moreover, it represents the movement and fluidity.

Phoenix: Do you remember the phoenix legend? The bird destroyed by a fire that rises from the ashes. This tattoo symbolizes rebirth and victory.

Kanji: Japanese tattoo symbols are amazing, elegant, and meaningful. You’ll find over 50.000 of these designs out there.

Flowers: Japanese have a lot of awesome flowers to choose from. Let’s take a look and the main ones.

The Rose represents balance and eternal love.

The Cherry Blossoms reflects our mortality.

The Peony symbolizes prosperity.

The Orchid stands for power, endurance and might.

The Lotus depicts wisdom and enlightenment.


As you can see, there are a lot of Japanese tattoo ideas to choose from. The Japanese folklore is very rich and wonderful. If you do not believe that a given tattoo will protect you or that it will give you courage or strength, it doesn’t matter. The designs are very impressive on their own. Maybe a Tiger on your shoulder will not protect you from illness, but it is an awesome tattoo to display. Even the Kanji style is a great choice if you do not like to get an animal or a flower on your body.

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