Law of attraction


Well, I bet you heard about Law of attraction, but


What is the Law of attraction?

Everything is movement. Everything vibrates at a particular frequency.

According to some writers, this Law contains “The great secret of life”

You move towards something, and that something goes to you.

You attract things in your same frequency.

For instance, if you are angry, mad, having a bad day, do not expect to attract good vibrations, I mean, you will not get “good things” because you are in another frequency, you are in the opposite side.

Believe it or not, our thoughts are vibrations sent to the universe.

It may happen to you to have a “bad feeling” about some person. You are  in tune with this person bad feelings against you. So, you can get angry or you can stop that feeling by having nice thoughts, this way you stop tuning into that kind of waves.

By focusing on your thoughts, you make them powerful. They are cosmic waves passing through time and space.


Your thoughts control the vibration in your physical body

You use your brain to move your physical body to different patterns of vibrations. Just remember, your brain does not think, YOU think with the brain.

So, if you bring sadness to your mind, your body shall resonate at a certain negative frequency, so be careful what you think!

Remember to think about welfare, wealthiness, and financial freedom, if you keep on doing so, you’ll attract them.

Please understand that you will not see a briefcase full of money falling down the skies in front of you, but you’ll get “doors” opened to get some business, job or anything that brings you the desire goals.

You’ll soon notice that someway you get in the correct way to success.

It is simple, you are vibrating at the sam frequency that success, so you naturally attract each other.


The best thing you can do to get into any vibration is to join people who think the same.


Feeling the same way, thinking the same things, sharing similar goals, leads to staying focused.

If you are surrounded by people who always are angry, negative and sad, be sure you’ll never get what you need, unless you are looking for failure.

You can even start your own business by attracting it.


Start Today to live the life you deserve!

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