Passive income


We all want it

We all dream about Passive income isn’t it?

You can do whatever you want while your business is working 24 hours and gives you passive income.

You just must check your account once a day to see how much money you made without working.

But, wait a minute! Did  I say WITHOUT WORKING?


How do we get Passive income?

In order to get that “magic” passive income you must had been working a lot of months before.

You should have created your business in the correct way.

You probably had invested some amount of money in leads, traffic, hosting, ads, etc, etc, etc.

Oh! excuse me! Did you really think you could get “the magic button to make money” WITOUHT working and WITHOUT investment?

I am sorry to bring you bad news, but if you really want to, someday, be able to have a spa day while your business is making money, you should first work HARD.

Believe me, “I’ve been there before”, I mean, I truly believed in the magic button and spent a lot of time and money for nothing.

When I finally accepted that the ONLY way to make money online was WORKING THE RIGHT WAY, I began to see the results, not before.

You need to know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, WHEN and WHERE. So if you do not have the answers to ALL these questions, you better stop trying and read.

When it comes to starting a project, you really need good advice. Whatever the project, not only money online.

If you are going to build a house, you just can not ask 2 or 3 people, read a “How to” guide, and build it. It is obvious!

The same applies to make money online. It is a business, it is a project, you need to ask for people who know, the ones who “had been there”, the ones who “are back” not who “are going there”.

You can not buy a product or service to someone who claims to “make one million in 6 weeks with no effort”. Don’t worry, I bought almost anything out there, the vast majority failed (pretty obvious right?).

So one day I decided not to read any more emails trying to sell me.

I got peace of mind, really.

Without the stress of being opening and reading every single mail from people who does not know me, and only tried to “sell me and run” gave me the chance to think clearly.

Now I had a lot of free time, instead of being trying  nonsense products, I was surfing the net looking for authority in marketing online.

I knew that I needed a mentor.

Someone who could teach me the WHAT, WHO, WHEN & WHERE.

And I found it, better than ONE mentor, I found a WHOLE community of entrepreneurs who are successful.

Not only that, besides they TEACH you how to become successful too.

Today I am walking the right way with the right people.

I am investing my money instead of spending, I am having revenue, I am getting FREE from an office job.

I am very, very closer to be in some beach enjoying a drink while my business makes a thousand per day.

In a few words

  • Put your idea to work. TAKE ACTION
  • Invest in yourself and in your Biz
  • Be persistent
  • Get a Mentor
  • DO NOT get overwhelmed by info, again, get a Mentor
  • Get a daily routine and work every day in your project
  • Give VALUE, help people, DO NOT try to sell like a mad man. Help, give, then put the offer
  • Learn Copywriting

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