Step by Step guide to create a Local WordPress site


Hi again! Glad to help you.

Ok, now you`ll learn HOW to set up a local WordPress installation so you can test without “breaking” the  live site.

Download XAMPP

Install on your PC (run as admin if using Windows)

Hit Next

Select what to Install.

Leave it like that or select MINIMUM: ApacheMySQLPHP and phpMyAdmin.

Select Folder to Install

Just informs you about Bitnami products

Ready to install


Installation ok

Running the XAMPP the first time

Select Language

XAMPP control Panel. Just select (1) to START Apache and MySQL

It should run ok like the picture, if not you should choose another ports to run them  instead of 80.443 and 3306.

Creating DB for WordPress

Before installing WordPress locally (either a new installation or the migration of a WordPress to your local server), you need to create a new database. We are going to use phpMyAdmin, which is the tool that manages the MySQL databases on our local server.We can do this by clicking the ADMIN button or by entering the URL in our browser 

We´ll see this

There, to the left, the default databases

To create a NEW database, just click NEW/Nueva; enter the name you wish and utf8_general_ci in the collation/cotejamiento Tab.

And then Click Create/Crear.


You´ll see it to the LEFT

NOTE: User= root, NO password. You´ll need this later.

Installing WordPress

Real example creating a Site named “Trident”

Download WordPress from the official site

Now, within your PC or notebook, just oo to C:\xampp\htdocs\

Create the directory, in our case, Trident Dir

Copy the wordpress.rar downloaded from WordPress site in that Dir.

Extract it (it will create a WordPress Folder)

Go to http://localhost/Trident/wordpress/

It will guide you through the WordPress usual installation, select language, then enter the database name (just go to your phpMyadmin if you don´t remember the name)


You´ll also need the user (root)

The password (no password)

Leave the rest as is, click next

You´ll be prompted to give a description, to enter the user admin and its password, do it.

Then it will ask you to log in

Done! Now you are here.

We´ll need to go to  Settings->General

And fill with the right info; mail, description, add users, and so.

Then we´ll install the Theme we wish ; Free or paid

  Go to Appearance->Themes

->Add new

->Upload Theme

We are done!

Great, now you have your LOCAL WordPress site up and running to make any test before uploading to live site.

If you happen to get this error

Just edit .htaccess like this

Go and find .htaccess, remember we created a Trident Dir, so let´s go there


Edit .htaccess with your favourite text editor; here I use Notepad+ and paste this code Just below </ifMODULE>

php_value upload_max_filesize 64M

php_value post_max_size 64M

php_value memory_limit 400M

php_value max_execution_time 180

php_value max_input_time 180

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