The digital revolution in higher education


It is no secret that technology changed our world, ways, environment, and lives. The digital revolution changed everything. Including our education.

Just a few years ago you had to go to some education center. You had to travel. You were expected to be present. But things changes. Now you can attend special education via e-learning. The digital revolution in higher education helps us to improve our skills and knowledge via a remote connection.

How and why the internet of everything is changing higher education

Many surveys show us the perception of value between online education and traditional one. Almost 30% of adults surveyed believe that an online course provides an equivalent background value to one taken in a classroom, but over 50% of institutions directors replied that the value of online and traditional training is the same. However, 40% of surveyed adults that had taken online courses answered that the value of online and traditional classes are similar.

Digital Revolutions: Advantages & Disadvantages

There are many advantages when it comes to online education.

You can attend classes from everyplace and you can even check the given documentation anytime, you are not limited to a time zone.

You learn at your own pace, no need to rush.

You can communicate instantly with a mentor or colleagues if you have some doubt or question.

You do not need to go to the library anymore, the whole Internet is at a mouse-click. You can research anything.

You can get help from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You have some drawbacks too.

Many people perceive online education not good as traditional one.

You need self-motivation.

You must have constant and reliable access to the online campus, you can’t lose connection.

Certain companies do not acknowledge remote education.

You lose some social skills. You’ll undergo the practice of verbal synergy with professors and students.

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Many studies have determined e-learning education to be as effective as traditional education, even better. This judgment comes from students and institutions.

You have many advantages (you can learn at your own pace, no need to rush, you can get help from anyone, anywhere, anytime).

You have some drawbacks too (you need self-motivation, you must have constant and reliable access to the online campus, some organizations do not accept remote education, you lose some social skills)

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