Time is just an illusion


Time is just an illusion.

You can not change your past or anticipate your own future. You were told that.
But, what would happen if you discover that the whole thing is just a bluff?

Everything you know about time is just an illusion.

Ok, you can measure it, I agree, but you do not really know how it works right? You can measure it with a watch. You understand that there are seconds, minutes and hours. You can count days, weeks and years.

But you can not explain how it really works. You can not tell me the difference between present, past, and future.

I can do that for you. I can tell you the distinction.

There is no such difference. Past and future are just dreams.

They are the same thing; memories in your mind.

You only have the present. You can only live now, this moment. You never lived a past time, you just live a present time all your life. Right now while you are reading this lines, you are living the moment. A minute ago was now. There is no past, just present. You live an endless present and your mind stores memories of your…present to remember it in the future-present.

Sounds crazy? Well, let me tell you how to travel in time, that is crazy!

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