Tips for choosing deck accent lighting


We all love to enjoy a pleasure night having dinner comfortable sitting on our brand new deck. It is so calm out there! We can get in touch with nature and disconnect from an arduous day.

The subtle lighting gives us that intimate we need to relax and enjoy. These lights are unobtrusive and modern, giving the whole scenario a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

So, let’s take a deeper look at this awesome deck accent lighting.

Understanding deck accent lighting

We must know that all deck lights will have an IP rating in order to protect them from external elements. IP means ingress protection. The first digit indicates how well protected it is against solid elements such as dust and the second one tells us how much protected it is against water. The higher the number,  the better.

For example, if we need to get some lights out there but not swamped, we could choose an IP44 one. This means that we’ll be able to get a “dust” protection against anything bigger than 1mm, and a water protection against some splashes and heavy rain. On the other side, if we need extra protection we should choose an IP 68 that will protect our lightning against any dust (impossible to enter) and we can immerse  them under 1 meter. You can check an IP list right here.

We must take special care when installing electrical devices. Fortunately, most outdoor deck and landscaping lighting are low voltage. Besides, we can get some awesome options such as solar lighting (no wiring).We should consider solar lighting if we are restoring our old deck and have no electrical installation.

LED lighting is a very good alternative. It uses energy effectively, doesn’t get hot and has a super long lifespan.


There is not a rule of thumb when installing deck accent lighting, but  spacing them every 5 feet will make a stylish and safe environment.

We must get a perfect balance between light and night, the ideal space that fits our needs. This is going to be our place to enjoy, so, do we love some darkness around or we prefer a lot of light everywhere? We can choose to get a dim place perhaps, It’s our choice. We can build whatever we dream with the correct deck accent lighting.

If we happen to have stairs, we must highlight any steps assuring the lights are perfectly placed to avoid glare and give maximum illumination to the path. Again, if we have no electrical path we can get an excellent solution by installing solar lights.

If we proceed to build our brand new deck, it is advisable to get a draft  about our lighting prior to building it. Maybe we do not get the full picture yet, but we should get the electrical path created, just in case.

Remember, just like with all outdoor lights, it is always recommended that a professional electrician is asked.

We all love a sophisticated outdoor, we can get it done with the correct deck accent lighting.

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