What is a Home Inspection?


It is a professional service used to discover the real condition of a home. It is expected to perform a visual inspection to check out every major system. The idea is to evaluate the performance of the home, not the design, cosmetics, or beauty of it. You are expected to get a home inspection during a real estate transaction, but it can be done anytime.

A home inspection includes:

An on-site evaluation performed by a professional, regarding the installed systems in a home.

A thorough visual inspection.

Search for elements that are remarkably deficient, hazardous or near the end of their life.

A full written report.

Some considerations

A home inspection is not an invasive or negative exercise. It will help both parts (buyer and seller) to get the most of the transaction.

The inspection is supposed to check:

The roof

The outside

The electrical system

The plumbing system

The heating and air conditioning system

The interior

The ventilation

The inspector will not evaluate some components like:

Swimming pools


Telephone system

Cable System



Here you have some home inspection tips

Get a real inspector. I mean, you should check the National Association of Home Inspectors in order to find a certified one near your location.

You need someone that can perform a full analysis, find the strength and weakness and can explain them to you. You’ll receive a full report, but you should understand it.

Remember that a good inspector will take a morning or an afternoon to get a full picture. So you must attend him properly. You’ll need time and patience. You should ask any questions that you consider in order to understand his verdict. He can also tell you how much you’ll need to put into renovations.

Of course, you MUST read the written report. This means, read it and understand it. Most people (buyers and sellers) just glance at the inspection summary.

If you are a seller you should take a presale inspection. Doing so you’ll get an instant advantage. You’ll be able to repair anything BEFORE selling the house. Otherwise, if you choose to avoid a presale inspection you’ll have no time to make improvements. This way the buyer gets the advantage.

Try to act professionally. Sometimes, after an inspection, you’ll get a list of needed repairs. You (the seller) may try to DIY or to get them done on the cheap. That will not work. You’ll get a second inspection and the inspector will notice the reparations. You’ll only get a third inspection.


A home inspection is a professional service that the seller or the buyer can ask to find the real condition of a house.

The seller is supposed to get a presale inspection in order to fix a list of needed repairs and get some advantages before selling the house.

It is advisable to get a certified inspector to perform the task. He or she will need a full morning or afternoon to get a perfect report.

The inspection is not invasive or destructive.

The report will ty to uncover the real state of the roof, the electrical system, the plumbing system the heating and air conditioning system, etc.

The inspection doesn’t care about swimming pools, spas, cable systems, alarms, or Outhouses.

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