What is a Sapling?


A Sapling is a young tree. There are a couple ways to get a Sapling. You can either get some seeds or you can grow it via vegetative propagation.

Each method has its own benefits.

Seeding vs Vegetative propagation

Probably you are familiar with some kind of seeds and there is no mystery on how to get any plant to grow by sowing a seed. Usually, you dig a hole and throw the seed inside, cover it with fertile soil, pour some water regularly and you are done. This is known as “sexual reproduction”.

But what about vegetative propagation?

Also known as Vegetative reproduction, vegetative cloning or vegetative multiplication, it is a method of “asexual reproduction” in plants. You can cut a piece of the mother plant and grow it into a full one, or you can use “grafting”. Grafting is a whole world itself, but you should know that you need to get a stem piece of the plant and join it onto a mother plant that has roots.

You can find a wide spectrum of commonly cultivated plants produced by vegetative means rather than by seeds. You can grow apples, citrus, grapes, potatoes, etc.

As you can imagine it is easier to get a sapling grow by sowing seeds.

Taking care of your Sapling

If you grow a Sapling using seeds, you’ll have a healthy and beautiful one with minimum efforts. Why? Because using reproduction by seed, the plants are by nature, virus-free and can handle diseases much better than using vegetative propagation.

In case you prefer vegetative multiplication, you should choose a healthy mother plant. Remember that this method retains the same genotype (genetic) and phenotype (characteristics). So if you choose a weak plant, you’ll reproduce the same. So try to get the stronger cutting.

Benefits of growing a Sapling

You’ll get “someone” to take care of. A living being who depends on you to grow. You’ll have to choose the kind of sapling you like, get the proper seed or cutting, select an appropriate pot, get some fertile soil, remember to water it, make sure it gets sunlight, etc. Your baby tree will give you peace, relax, fresh air and beauty.

You can take care of a Sapling and watch it grow to a full tree. Planting trees is a fabulous way to help and take care of our environment. Besides, trees increase air quality by producing oxygen. They also help to reduce the sun and to moderate the wind. If located properly, they give us freshness in hot summer days.


You can get your own sapling by seeding (sexual reproduction) or via vegetative propagation (asexual reproduction).

If you choose to grow a seed you’ll probably succeed with no effort. If you happen to get vegetative propagation you’ll need to select the perfect cutting.

Once you made your choice, you’ll need to take care of the “baby” every day. You must water it, take it “for a ride” so it can get some sunlight, getting some fertile soil to feed it and talk to it gently.

The sapling will reward you with oxygen, freshness, and beauty.

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